Your small contribution can make a difference

Your small contribution can bring nutritious food to deprived children

While India’s economy has grown well, the country has the highest number of stunted children in the world (40.6 million). India is home to one-third of the global total of stunted children under the age of five.

Help marginalised girls realise their educational dreams

Education is severely impacted due to COVID-19.

The education of more than 247 million schoolchildren has got impacted and most affected have been girls from marginalized communities.

Providing marginalised communities a life of dignity

Providing marginalised communities a life of dignity

Lets be Kind for Children

Your small contribution can bring nutritious food to deprived children

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Healthy Food

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Pure Education

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Medical Facilities

about us

Aai Soh Foundation is a Non-Goverment Organization NGO in Jalgaon district of maharastra. We are a not-for-profit organisation that builds capacity of communities. We are an NGO working in various areas like installation Of Water Purifier & Maintenance of water purification systems, cleanliness campaign of village, providing education to orphan children and other necessary needs, providing medical services to needy people free of cost and Women empowerment etc.


Latest Caused of Aaisoh Foundation.

Water filtration

Providing Pure Safe & Healthy drinking water in villages

Education for Poor women

Professional Guideline Program For Tribal women.

Educational Help for child

Providing educational matertial for student.

Agriculturist Camp for Farmer

Providing education to use the improved seeds and modern techniques .

Computer training activity

Computer Training Events and Activities For Poor And Weaker Section Students.

Medical Helth checkup & food

Arranged Free Medicine and Fruit Distribution Camp in tribal Area.




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Our Expert Volunteer

Devin Robertson

CEO & Founder

Rickey Goodman


Jean Washington


You Can Help The Poor With Us

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